Messages of support and outrage

Statement by conscientious Israelis against Israel’s war on Gaza (more than 460 Israelis signed it):

“In the past the world knew how to fight criminal policies. The boycott on South Africa was effective, but Israel is handled with kid gloves: its trade relations are flourishing, academic and cultural cooperation continue and intensify with diplomatic support. This international backing must stop. That is the only way to stop the insatiable Israeli violence.
“EU institutions and member states to make effective use of the European Union Guidelines on promoting compliance with international humanitarian law (2005/C 327/04) to ensure Israel complies with international humanitarian law under paragraph 16 (b), (c) and (d) of these guidelines, including the adoption of immediate restrictive measures and sanctions, as well as cessation of all upgrade dialogue with Israel.”

dear-david-miliband, Letter to David Milliband from Daniel Machover, of Lawyers for Human Rights

I attach a letter that was published in today’s Guardian newspaper (see link

I bring this letter to your urgent attention in the hope that you will
recognise that the views expressed by almost 300 people, mostly UK citizens,
from wide ranging walks of life, strongly reflects well informed opinion
here and across Europe about the plans to upgrade relations between the EU
and Israel.

EU must hold Israel to its agreements: Letter published in the Guardian, Jan 5, 2009

Despite the EU’s call for a ceasefire, the brutal Israeli bombing of Gaza continues (Reports, 3 January). Nonetheless, the EU is preparing to upgrade its existing agreement to give Israel even more privileged access to European institutions.

Gaza’s Guernica – Enough is enough: Statement signed by Bricup members, December 28, 2008.


A statement just released by 57 MP and some House of Lords members

stop-the-massacre-of-the-palestinian-people Declaration of the International Secretariat of the Fourth International

end-the-carnage-in-gaza: Press Release from the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees(PFUUPE)

rt-hon-david-miliband-mp: Letter from Sarah Teather MP to the Foreign Secretary, December 28 2008

a-call-for-all-freedom-supporters: Iyad Burnat- Head of Popular Committee in Bilin

open-letter-from-jews-for-justice-for-palestinians-to-prime-minister: Open letter from Jews for Justice for Palestinians to Prime Minister, Gordon Brown MP:

gaza-press-release-11 : A Press Release from The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)

Teachers Against Occupation

We have formed Teachers Against Occupation (TAO) to enable a coordinated
and consistent response to occupations in Palestine and elsewhere. Please
visit our website:

On the site you will find an open letter to Barack Obama, written by David
Lloyd. We plan to disseminate a version of this letter in various media
over the next week, along with the names of those who have signed in
support. David’s letter is also copied below. In the next few days we
expect to launch a campaign to place an ad in the NYT or the Washington
Post, and will be soliciting funds for this purpose.

Messages from Canada

Thanks to Dorit Naaman

CJPME Fact Sheet on the Gaza situation

CJPME update on the Gaza situation

CJPME Health update CJPME Israel status Factsheet