IDF Tries to sink the Free Gaza boat Dignity

On the third day of the current round of Israeli war crimes in Gaza, two or more Israeli IDF patrol boats have tried to sink the boat Dignity, the Free Gaza vessel, veteran of delivering medicines to the blockaded Gaza. You can watch the eyewitness reports, including those of the CNN reporter on board, clearly putting the lie to Israeli claims that this was ‘an accident’. Instead, this is another example of Israel’s illegal behaviour at home and abroad, in this case operating as pirates, in international waters, 90 miles off the coast.

Gaza aid boat ‘rammed by Israel’: BBC

A boat delivering 3.5 tonnes of Cypriot medical aid to the Gaza Strip has been rammed by Israeli naval vessels in international waters, activists say. There is aclip on the report.

The BBc waited more than a week to put this report on. Well, there is no hurry, is there? CNN reported in real time, for example, below:

Another clip on CNN

another clip by the same CNN reporter:

Another CNN report, after the Dignity arrives at Lebanon:

Earlier reports on the Dignity arriving at Gaza port:

A couple of weeks before the attack on Gaza, two members of BRICUP, Jonathan Rosenhead and Mike Chusman, joined the Dignity sailing to Gaza, to get students out of the blockaded city. This is their story, in two parts.