Welcome to Gaza Carnage Archive

This website was started on the first day of the current iteration of the conflict, on December, 28th, 2008. It was meant at first to be a record of London activities, but immediately changed to become an archive of the press, media and online publication on this murderous action by the Israeli regime and its Israel Occupation Forces, the IOF.


It beccme clear within hours that this is a sea change for the conflict in Palestine, and that Israel has decided to use genocidal methods to terrorise the 1.5 millions of Gaza’s citizens, so that they will have no choice but betray Hamas and accept any conditions which Israel will see fit to impose. This archive is a record of the war crimes committed, the reactions across the world, both through the eyes of the media, but also through the wider perspective of people everywhere. There was never a conflict which has, within few days, raised so much interest, sympathy, and a flood of expressions across all media channels. This archive intends to represent the range of those, mainly in English, and to offer activists and researcher a tool for action, reflection and research.

Try as one might, there are many sources and texts which have not been included, due to either lack of awareness of their existence, or lack of space. If you are aware of crucial texts which should form part of this archive, please send an email with the details to: haim@haimbresheeth.com

Haim Bresheeth