Gaza Video clips

Below is a small collection of the many video clips now available, describing graphically the the ongoing massacre. In the full view of the international community, and with the assent of most of it, including some of the Arab countries, Israel has started a genocidal attack on 1.5 million Palestinians, 64% of them children. This has happened after two years of blockade, in which fuel, medicines, food , water and gas were not allowed into Gaza, starving its whole population. Their crime? They do not accept the brutal occupation by Israel, after 41 years, and they believe they should elect their own representatives, rather than those Israel wants them to. Please watch and send to others!

White Phosphorous shells and bombs used in Gaza: disturbing video clip!

Thank you, USA, for supplying the Israeli murderous IOF with the phosphorous shells and bombs! The Land of Freedom. leader of the ‘free world’ is proving again its real values.

Amazing sung poem by Lowkey, Long Live Palestine, at Hyde Park on Jan 10, 2009

use this link to hear it, and forward to your lists!

Creative Commons Repository: Al Jazeera

Video Footage from War on Gaza
We have made available our exclusive Arabic and English video footage from the Gaza Strip produced by our correspondents and crews. The ongoing war and crisis in Gaza, together with the scarcity of news footage available, make this repository a key resource for anyone producing content on the current situation.

This is one of the most important developements online – huge thematic video archives, preserving and making easilly accessible the visual history of the conflict! Must se and must forward!

Thousands of Israelis protest against the war in Gaza

New Orleans Protest for Gaza – Free Palestine Part 1

Protest Against Israeli Illegal Occuption of GAZA

To view more video clips:

5th Calgary Protest for Gaza -A Heart Breaking Speech of Jewish Woman Speech

Israel Support Rally NYC Jan 11 2009 – shameful gathering for war and destruction!1-11-2009 Anti-Israel Protest in Time Square NYC (1)

Protest Rally – Solidarity With Gaza, Palestine – Times Square NYC – January 11

100.000 in London march Jewish/Muslim/Christian United against Zionism

London demonstration-Must See

Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza

Video of New York Israel rally

In this video, Max Blumenthal of Alternet attends the January 11, 2009 rally in support of Israel’s war in New York City. Senator Charles Schumer and Governor David Paterson were featured speakers. Blumenthal asks rally participants how many civilian casualties it would take for them to reconsider Israel’s actions. The demonstrators who respond, all of whom seem to be Jewish, offer disturbing and revealing answers that show hardline support for an extreme, militaristic Israel, fears and claims that Israel and Jews are facing a second Holocaust, and blanket accusations and condemnation of Islam. Regarding Islam: if the word “Islam” were replaced with the word “Judaism” on the signs the demonstrators carried, or if “Hamas” were replaced with “Israel,” most of the media consuming and producing world would object to the anti-semitism. Demonstrators, the media and, perhaps most importantly, policymakers Schumer and Paterson not only did not object to the signs but rather endorse them by participating in this rally.

This obscene rally, with people jumping for joy over the blood of children, should be seen by all!

March in Support of Gaza- NYC Sunday 11 Jan 2009

Melbourne protest at Israel’s attack on Gaza – 30 December 2008

San Francisco Anti-Israel Protest 12/30/08

San Francisco demonstration against the Israeli massacre of Gaza, 12-30-08

Protest the Gaza Bombing to Israeli Embassy in Tokyo

Demonstration at Tokyo against Israel

Demonstration in Manchester against the Israel war in Gaza Part 1

Die-in Protest for Palestine in Manchester, UK

Gaza: The Killing Zone – Israel/Palestine

Tony Benn | Stop the Gaza Massacre Rally in London | 8 January 2009

Tariq Ali | Stop the Gaza Massacre Rally in London | 8 January 2009

Jeremy Corbyn MP | Stop the Gaza Massacre Rally in London | 8 January 2009

Ken Livingstone | Stop Gaza Massacre protest London Saturday 3 January 2009

Ismael Patel | Stop the Gaza Massacre Rally in London | 8 January 2009

Maryan – Gaza Sister | Stop the Gaza Massacre Rally in London | 8 January 2009

Gaza Protest – clashes with riot police outside Israeli embassy London 10 January 2009

More clips you will not see on CNN or BBC

Below is a link to video footage of the most disturbing type. It is probably more accurate than anything I have seen in representing the hell Gaza has become for human beings under the Israeli fire and the mass-murder machine. Be aware it is graphically accurately disturbing. Please send as widely as possible, especially to Israelis, Americans and Brits – the villains of the piece!

Inside Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital

War on Gaza: Annie Lennox ‘Shaken To The Core’; Lennox calls on people to come out and demonstrate tomorrow in London

Stars call for ceasefire in Gaza

Singer Annie Lennox has joined high-profile campaigners to call for an end to Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip. At a news conference in London, she said TV footage of the attacks, which have killed more than 400 people, had left her “shaken to the core”.

This is the full clip of her speaking, longer than the one above, and a long article about the context. Watch and read!

Israel kills senior Hamas figure in air attack – 01 Jan 09

Al Jazeera reoprt

Gazans struggle to survive amid onslaught – 1 Jan 09

Al Jazeera report

Israel MURDERS the civilians & then says: “This is just the beginning”

Al Jazeera report

Gaza: The Killing Zone – Israel/Palestine

Dispatches report

MOBILE BULLETIN – 0535GMT – 02 Jan 08

Al Jazeera report

Al Jazeera reoprt – US back Israel on Gaza Attack

AP footage

AP footage

Al Jazeera report

Al Jazeera report

Al Jazeera reoprt

B’Tselem questions Israeli account of attack – 1 Jan 09

Al Jazeera reoprt

Rabbi Weiss in Anapolis

This next clip is not related directly to Gaza, but it sounds as if it was! It was shot outside Anapolis, in November 2007, as Rabbi Weiss is denouncing Zionism and suggests one Palestinian state and the end of Zionism. It is rather amazing!

US firmly behind Israel over Gaza attacks – 28 Dec 08

US military aid underpins Gaza offensive – 31 Dec 08

Gaza demo on January 3, 2009 in Liverpool

Al Jazeera: A week of Israel’s war on Gaza – 02 Jan 09

Nowhere to run in Gaza

More civilian casualties in Gaza amid raids – 30 Dec 08

Hamas press conference after Israeli Gaza strikes – 27 Dec 08

Praying in defiance of Israel’s war in Gaza – 09 Jan 09

UN Security Council approves ceasefire resolution – 09 Jan 09