May 28, 2012

EDITOR: Habimah at the Globe

Despite the many distinguished theatre personalities writing to ask the Globe to withdraw Habimah from its programme of international productions of Shakespear’s plays, as well as many individuals and organisations who also requested this, the Globe theatre decided to totally ignore the pleas, and go ahead with this invitation. Habimah is Israel’s national theatre, and has been supported generously by state funding, and has performed in the Occupied Territories, hence supporting the ocupation regime.

In the event, many people have answered out call and came to partake in public action against the Globe and Habimah. Below you can see some of the video clips and images of this spirited public action against Israeli apartheid.

 Mike Cushman at the Globe

Debbie Fink sings in front of the Globe

Glyn Secker, captain of the famed boat Irene which broke the Gaza blockade, speaks to the crowd in front of the Globe.

Speaking to the crowd in front of the Globe





























































































































































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