Feb 16, 2009

If any of you thought that the carnage is over, either because of a ceasefire, or the Israeli election, you were wrong! What the people of Gaza, and the whole of Palestine can look forward to, is more murder, mayhem and destruction, whoever of the current lot of war criminals will head the Israeli governemnt. I hope there are not many confused people left out there, especially on Capitol Hill.

Fresh violence shakes Gaza Strip: BBC

Israeli jets have bombed tunnels on Gaza’s border with Egypt, after two rockets were fired at southern Israel. The Israeli military said the air attack targeted a tunnel used for smuggling arms into Gaza. A little-known militant group called Hezbollah Brigades Palestine claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks, which caused no casualties. The violence came amid moves to turn ceasefires that ended Israel’s 22-day offensive in Gaza into a lasting truce.
Two rockets fired from Gaza landed in Israel on Monday morning, the Israeli military said. Several hours later, Israeli jets bombed a border area in the southern Gaza town of Rafah.

Unexploded munitions
Palestinian officials said a 25-year-old Gaza man was killed and five people were injured in an explosion in northern Gaza near the border with Israel. The explosion was apparently caused when an unexploded munition was thrown into a fire being used to melt down scrap metal.
Sporadic violence has continued between Israel and Gaza since Israel ended its offensive on 18 January and the Hamas movement declared a ceasefire. Egypt has been trying to mediate a long-term truce. About 1,300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed in the 22 days of violence.

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