March 15, 2009

Below is an article in the Jerusalem Post which you may have missed. It is of great interest – to read the whole article the JP demands money. I would rather burn my money than give it to the JP:

Rabbi orders a new Commandment: The Jerusalem Post

Embrace commandment of war, Hesder students told. Precedent-setting ceremony hails young national-religious men soon to be in uniform * ‘We long for peace, but until then we cannot lay down our sword,’ says TA chief rabbi

“King David taught the people of [Judah Maccabee] how to use the bow and arrow… Jacob our patriarch blessed his son Judah and told him to fight Israel’s enemies, to attack them and not fight defensively… The descendants of the tribe of Judah will do the same,” [Yisrael Meir Lau] said.
Rabbi Haim Druckman, who heads Bnei Akiva, said that “fighting our enemies is a commandment. To serve in the IDF is a commandment. We must remember that we could not carry out this commandment for 2,000 years. How happy we must be that we live in this great and special time, a time in which we have returned to our land, seen the founding of our state, the ingathering of exiles.”
Citing the Torah, [Dov Lior] noted that “200,000 Israelites and 10,000 Judahites fought Amalek. Why are the Judahites counted separately from the others? Because the Israelite army pitied Amalek. Today this is called being humanitarian.”

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