March 2, 2009

Make Zionism History! boycott-israel-anim2

Help to stop the next war! Support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of the Israeli regime

Support Palestinian universities – spread the BDS campaign – it is what people under the Israeli jackboot  ask  you to do!

Israeli War Criminals – to the International Criminal Court, NOW!

Three generations of the Siam family become homeless in Silwan. Between 1994-2006, 678 houses were demolished in East Jerusalem alone. (

Three generations of the Siam family become homeless in Silwan. Between 1994-2006, 678 houses were demolished in East Jerusalem alone. (

The lines above are not mere slogans. Read the item below to realise how deep the changes are which have been brought about by the Gaza carnage. Israel may well have succeeded in doing something it never before managed – alienating and infuriating huge numbers of people across the world; this, to a point where many are ready to confront the monster built by the west, and to pose it some searching questions and demands. While we do not yet know if this action will succeed where all others faile before, the feeling of a sea change is not misplaced.

Israel may face war crimes trials over Gaza: The Guardian

• Court looks at whether Palestinians can bring case
• International pressure grows over conflict

The international criminal court is considering whether the Palestinian Authority is “enough like a state” for it to bring a case alleging that Israeli troops committed war crimes in the recent assault on Gaza. The deliberations would potentially open the way to putting Israeli military commanders in the dock at The Hague over the campaign, which claimed more than 1,300 lives, and set an important precedent for the court over what cases it can hear.
As part of the process the court’s head of jurisdictions, part of the office of the prosecutor, is examining every international agreement signed by the PA to decide whether it behaves – and is regarded by others – as operating like a state. Following talks with the Arab League’s head, Amr Moussa, and senior PA officials, moves have accelerated inside the court to deliver a ruling on whether it may be able to insist on jurisdiction over alleged war crimes perpetrated in Gaza, with a decision from the prosecutor’s office expected within “months, not years”. The issue arises because although the ICC potentially has “global jurisdiction” to investigate crimes which fall into its remit no matter where they were committed, Israel – despite having signed the Rome statute that founded the court and having expressed “deep sympathy” with the court’s goals – is not a party.
The ICC, which has 108 member states, has not so far recognised Palestine as a sovereign state or as a member.

One thing is clear – if Tony Blair is asking for Israeli cessation of the Blockade, after he spent years working for Israel in Jeruslaem, and getting $1Million from Tel Aviv university for doing exactly nothing, then thinga must be hotting up for Israel… maybe Tel Aviv should rethink that million bucks… just joking… obviously Tony remains Israel’s best loved poodle, and should be paid accordingly. If bankers are paid huge sums for bringing capitalism down, why should Tony not be paid for doind bugger all in his bizarre role as the envoy of a body which does not exist? Give him some more millions, I say! He has managed to never visit Gaza ever since he became the envoy of God in Palestine, isn;t this wortha million? He has also managed to not saya word while the killing was going on in Gaza – surely this is wortha few bob? After all, he has learnt how not to react in 2006, when Israel was out on a destructive spree in Lebanon. Our Tony is really good in clamming up when the boss says so! More millions to Timorous Tony, please!

Israel must lift Gaza blockade now, says Blair: The Guardian

Tony Blair made his first visit to Gaza yesterday as international Middle East envoy, and called for a new approach to resolving the Gaza crisis, ahead of a key reconstruction conference. Blair, the latest high-level diplomat to visit Gaza in the wake of the devastating three-week conflict, said Israel should immediately lift its economic blockade of the strip, which is home to 1.5 million Palestinians and under the control of the Hamas Islamist movement. “I think there is a recognition that we have got to change our strategy towards Gaza,” he said.
The visit, his first since he went there as prime minister in November 2001, preceded a conference to be held today in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh at which the Palestinian Authority is expected to ask for $2.8bn for the reconstruction of Gaza. The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, will be present for the conference before visiting Ramallah and Israel in the following days, in her first trip to the Middle East as secretary of state.

Blair says Gaza crossings must be opened to assist rebuilding: The Independent

Former Prime Minister makes first visit to territory since becoming envoy
Tony Blair has called for Gaza’s crossings to be opened for basic building and other commercial goods, adding to international pressure on Israel likely to be exerted at today’s Egypt-hosted post-war reconstruction summit. On his long-awaited first visit to the Palestinian territory as Middle East envoy from the international quartet – the UN, US, EU and Russia – Mr Blair said that the 20-month blockade inflicted on the territory’s 1.5 million inhabitants “does not work”. He made the comments while calling for an end to violence, including rockets fired by Gazan militants into Israel.

And below you can read about the brand new machinery invented by Israel and the West to isolate Hamas, the elected government of Palestine. What the bombs and carnage failed to do, they are now planning to do with money mountains. It will change nothing, of course – all the infrastructure built with the last mountaing of bucks was destroyed by the bombing. And guess who will not paya penny? Only the murderers and destroyers of Palestine. We will be paying for their destruction, like we always do... And every penny will go through the unelected ‘president’ of Palestine, and his corrupt government. Excellent!

Billions pledged to rebuild Gaza: BBC

International donors have pledged almost $4.5bn (£3.2bn) in aid to the Palestinians, chiefly to rebuild Gaza after Israel’s recent offensive.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington would donate $900m, and vigorously seek to advance peace. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told a summit in Egypt cash was “insufficient” without a political solution. Israel, which has been fighting Gaza militants, refuses to allow building materials into Gaza for reconstruction. As well as the $900m promised by the US, Saudi Arabia pledged $1bn (£703m) for Gaza. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit says the total of $4.48m from about 70 countries was “beyond of our expectations”.

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