Jan 29, 2009

End the Occupation – make Zionism History!

A member of Machsom-Watch, Israeli volunteers who stand as witnesses at the
checkpoints to discourage or document abuse of Palestinian civilians,
recently wrote this video letter to President Obama. She asks the newly
elected president to visit Israel to help her — to help the entire country
— lead a happier life. She cannot live normally or contentedly while
Palestinians are suffering day-to-day privations because of an occupation
that Israel cannot seem to end by itself. The feelings of guilt and shame
she feels can only be resolved, she feels, when the Palestinians, her
neighbors, are not thwarted so harshly in their own pursuit of happiness.
Her feelings are her own, and yet we know they are shared by many Israelis
who are outraged and ashamed by the continuing oppression and occupation,
but feel helpless to compel a political change.  Obama, she hopes, can
untangle this knot — the political one, and the one in her stomach.

Hear the letter and see the clip – it is just over 4 minutes and excellent!

comments by Lincoln Shlensky

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