Jan 20, 2009

More than 1400 Palestinians dead, over 436 children,

100 women, and more than 5,300 wounded

(Numbers taken from the Hebrew press today, those numbers are already inaccurate, as more and more bodies are found under the rubble))

What would this mean in Britain with its population of 60 million, in comparative terms?

It would mean more than 52,000 dead, 17,000 of them children, and 212,000 wounded.

Gaza doctors struggle to treat deadly burns consistent with white phosphorus: The Guardain

Dozens dying after Israeli attacks from injuries ‘unlike any seen before’ that medics say should not be fatal Doctors in Gaza described today how they had struggled to treat dozens of patients with terrible and unusually deadly burns consistent with white phosphorus weapons, during Israel’s three-week war in Gaza. Nafiz Abu Shabaan, head of the burns unit at Shifa hospital and the most senior burns surgeon in Gaza, said 60 to 70 patients had died in his unit during the war from severe burns that were unlike any injury he had previously seen. Patients with only relatively small burn injuries, which ought to be survivable, were dying unexpectedly. His account, along with evidence from survivors, corroborates mounting evidence from groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International that the Israeli military fired phosphorus shells into populated areas of Gaza in direct violation of international humanitarian law. Amnesty said it believes Israel is guilty of a war crime. White phosphorus is allowed to be used as a smokescreen on the battlefield in certain situations, but its use in civilian areas is prohibited under United Nations conventions. Now that IS strange! I heard Major Avital Leibowitz, the commander of the IOF Blond Brigade of BlahBlah (otherwise known as the Brunhildas) say many times that Israel does NOT use such weapons! Surely, she could not be lying? Unimaginable. If you feel like not sleeping tonight, see film on link below:

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